Seán Fogarty

"CareAura": A care inspired artefact for maintaining well-being

A system that consists of an interactive mirror and a connected bracelet, CareAura has been co-created with a group of students and is aimed at helping them and their peers nurture their perceived well-being through a lens of care.
Designing for subjective well-being is to design support for people pursuing a pleasurable and satisfying life. For a student, a key contributing factor to this is the setting of goals and meeting them.
Through the CareAura mirror, users can set their goals for the day through voice interaction. They will be greeted by a visualisation of a tree, the life of which depends on the goals that the user has accomplished.
On the go, the user will be reminded of the goals they have set through their CareAura bracelet. How the user responds to these reminders will affect the growth of their tree (positively or negatively). The user can also use this bracelet to reach out for help from one of their trusted others by holding it with their other hand in a certain way. If the other person performs the same action, both bracelets will simultaneously grip.
Integrated into an artefact that is already embedded into the daily lives of people across the world, CareAura allows the users to not only see their reflection in the mirror, but to also reflect on themselves, ingraining the encouragement to set and meet goals into their everyday lives.

Seán Fogarty
Seán Fogarty