Gary Whelan


I focused my research on an area that I believed was still currently exploring technology and the digital world. I chose retail and specifically fashion retail due to the industry being in a period of transition and I wanted to research a method to improve this design space for both shoppers, and retailers alike.

My work has led me to the belief that while retailers have begun transitioning and embracing online shopping over the past decade, they have not thought about shoppers using technology while in their store. In essence, linking the tradition and digital shopping experience.

Online sales continue to rise every year, however there are people who would say that they still like to walk around physical stores and see products.

This resulted in my project attempting to be the bridge between that physical and digital shopping experience.

The smartphone app that I have conceptualised has a working title of Pashion and provides many tools that a shopper can use in a store to aid their purchasing decisions.

The app will provide the user with the opportunity to scan and save multiple items of clothing while browsing in-store, direct to their own personal in-app rail with full product information and photos, where they can purchase, research, compare and share the items with friends. Allowing them to essentially bookmark items they see.

In addition, they will be able to send the items to their friends to garner an opinion on a potential purchase or to recommend a purchase.
Pashion also gives the user the power to share their shopping experience across their social media platforms.

Gary Whelan