Padraig Rynne

Co-Performance of electronic technology and the Anglo concertina in Irish Traditional music.

This project poses the question what the results of collaborating Irish Traditional Music using the Anglo concertina and electronic technology can achieve. It looks at the constraints that are met when developing a relatively new cross-genre composition and performance between the two as well as the factors that can be taken on board for future compositions and performances of a similar nature.

The research section looks at the use of electronic technology within popular genres where it has been used with great success. Interviews were held with musicians, some of whom were involved in significant cross-genre musical pieces of our time. These interviews gave insight into approaches and techniques used in similar compositions and performances.

The second part of the project is a composition that takes research findings and applies them to a composition. This composition is a musical piece that can be performed live using electronic technology.

The musical piece uses the concertina for both Irish Traditional and electronically generated sounds. The composition is aimed at challenging both forms of music individually, as well as finding a way in which they can successfully work as one.

Padraig Rynne