Dylan Casey

Soundscape Relocation

Soundscape Relocation: An Investigation into the successful recontextualisation of multiple natural soundscapes within an urbanized context in real-time.
The composition is centred on soundscape re-contextualisation, with regard to core themes of space, time, and the boundaries. Inspired by the Morris’ Box with the Sound of its Own Making (1961), R. Murray Schaffer’s “World Soundscape Project”(1971), and Duchamp’s idea of the “found” object, it is the belief of the author that by relocating and re-contextualizing the perception of soundscape through a technological medium, the listener can re-forge the human/nature connection; allowing the engaged individual to positively employ personal perceptual sensitivities and renegotiate the acoustic qualities within their own sonic environment. Drawing from a solid body of human anthropology and evidence identifying the delicate human/nature relationship and building on the collective works and installations of the academe, the objective of the works is to develop a series of multi-dimensional compositions that enhances one’s listening sensitivity, while at the same time, revealing the density, beauty, and phenomena of the natural soundscape. By rejecting the modern nature verses civilization paradigm, the compositions actually fuses opposing bodies into a singular entity; nature and modern technology are interwoven, existing simultaneously in varied dimensions of space and time.